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006Below is a copy of a “flyer” that I have created for outings with Jordan. I have handed a few out to people, but only when there has been a meltdown or when people feel the need to be critical of Jordan or our parenting methods. I really need to hand these out more often I think.


This letter has been handed to you because you have just witnessed an example of AUTISM.


– Autism is not contagious. But our son has a smile that is.

– You can not tell that our child is autistic by looking at him. And in fact, staring makes things much worse.

– The actions of our autistic child are often unpredictable due to sensory overloads in his brain. But this does not mean that our son is not brilliant.

– His meltdowns are not a result of being spoiled or bratty. He has emotionally broken down. No toy in the world could cause a child that much distress.

– Our son does not speak, but that doesn’t mean he has nothing to say. Besides, the love in his heart means much more than his words ever could.

– Questions are welcome but parenting advice is not. Unless you are the parent of an autistic child please do not tell us what we should be doing. Criticism will not help us. Understanding will.

– 1 out of 75 children has autism… Our son is 1 in a million.

Please learn more about AUTISM and visit:

“People with AUTISM… do not lie, do not judge, do not play mind games. Maybe we should learn something from them.”


4 thoughts on “About Autism

  1. This is such a good idea! I have been wanting to say something like this (especially the part about not judging or “helping” unless you have a child with autism yourself), so many times, especially when we take the tube or are in a shop with sliding doors (I guess you can picture the situations). The picture you have used is also really good. I’ll keep checking in here, it seems like you have wise things to say! 🙂

    • Thanks for your thoughts MAMMABJORN. As I am sure you know, some people can be extremely judgemental of the child and parents. It is easy for us as parents to become annoyed or be quick to lose our cool with those people. I have found that I achieve a greater sense of satisfaction by politely handing the person the info sheet rather than fly off the handle at them. I only hope it makes them think twice before making comments the next time they see a child melting down.

  2. This is a great flyer! I have known others who handed out info sheets to people in regards to their autistic child, but this is the best one I have seen! Do you mind if I steal it and make some minor changes to use with my own son? We all need to increase awareness for the good of our amazing kids who are all too often misunderstood and looked down upon because of lack of knowledge and understanding!

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