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As I try to figure out and adapt to the “blogging-world”, I hope to build a base of followers from Guelph; Ward 3 in particular. I’d like to believe that I have a decent understanding on what our ward residents want and need, but how do I know for sure?

I have felt for a number of years that ward 3 has not been represented in an open, unbiased way. It has seemed that some of our councillors have closed the door on the majority of us. Focus has centered around their personal views and their own pet projects as opposed to what the majority of us want/need. (A perfect example of this is the fact that Ward 3 is the only one in Guelph without an official blog site where the residents can openly offer and discuss the issues we face, and where the representatives participate in these discussions.) Far too often I find that it is the minority of people whose voices are recognized. Why is that? I believe a lot of it has to do with the theory of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.

To test this theory, I will become the new squeaky wheel. I would like to use this blog as just one outlet where my voice can be heard. But this can’t be one-sided. I want to hear from the residents…and all of the residents. I am not afraid to hear opinions that differ from my own. But what our ward needs most is for the majority to be heard. Help me force our council to no longer ignore the real squeaky wheel.

What do you love about our ward? What needs to change? Start by sending me your ideas, positive and negative, minor or major. No matter what, I will create a spot DEDICATED to what YOU WANT DISCUSSED.

Start right now. And most of all, spread the word to other Guelphites; especially Ward 3. Let’s get some grease!


2 thoughts on “Ward 3 Guelph

  1. Thanks DANMO1 for the response. Check back soon for a new blog on that subject and feel free after to contribute your thoughts/reaction towards my view of the distance between members of council and their constituents.

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