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Does this represent you? (Ward 3 Discussion)

Earlier this year, I was forwarded an email conversation between a Ward 3 resident and one of our council reps. Knowing that I wrote columns for the Guelph Daily Mercury, this particular resident asked if I would pass the email along to the powers-that-be in hopes of public exposure of this councillor’s lack of professionalism.

I have been informed by the legal department that posting this conversation in no way violates any privacy or freedom laws. Apparently, as soon as anyone sends an email, or posts a comment accessible through the internet, it automatically becomes public information and the individual must assume the responsibility.

For the sake of this resident’s privacy, I have removed names and email information from this post. The conversation however, has not been altered in any other way. Read this conversation and let me know what you think! Does this kind of attitude properly represent the residents of Ward 3??

(This email conversation began with the resident questioning the reasoning behind a certain decision made by city council.)

{resident}: Thanks for the reply….but I really think you should review the comments on the Mercury. Take care.

{councillor}: You mean the blog? Are you crazy? I wouldn’t check out the scum those anonymous bottom feeders post for a million bucks!

{resident}: Well sorry you said that…..some of those “scum and bottom feeders ” pay your wages. I will make sure those bottom feeders see your reply. So I quess I’m a bottom feeder to. When’s your next town hall? Sure would like to know so the bottom feeders in your ward can attend. Take care.

{councillor}: Anyone who posts uneducated drivel anonymously is a coward.

{resident}: So I guess Ms. Downer is uneducated and coward……shame on you!!!! Take care.




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