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Our Tax Dollars Adds To Our Property Repairs…

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So our street received a visit from the city sidewalk plow last night.

I should have snapped a photo of the machine at work; although I don’t think I can take a picture fast enough to catch it. Regardless, maybe our city could benefit from purchasing equipment that fits on standard sized sidewalks! If you look closely at the tire tracks, the machine itself is wider than the walks not even including the plow blade. (Before you ask, our grass is not overgrown onto the sidewalk either.)

Nonetheless, our entire street received this type of attention. Having worked in the lawn maintenance and snow removal industry for many years now, I assure you that this type of performance is shameful. No reputable company would ever do business this way.

So what does that say about our city?


One thought on “Our Tax Dollars Adds To Our Property Repairs…

  1. I too caught a glimpse of the side walk plow as it whized by on sidewalk that had no smow. It made me wonder – why is the city of Guelph wasting our tax dollars by having equipment and staff running around the streets accomplishing nothing. The cost of diesel and gasoline must be up in the thousands. Why not park the vehicles until they are really needed. Many times I have seen large plows driving up and down city streets not plowing or sanding. What a waste of OUR tax dollars.

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