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Lions and Lemmings

I already knew it. The residents of Guelph already knew it. Now Maclean’s Magazine has made much of Canada know it. If only some of our councillors knew it.

Stop wasting our tax dollars!

Maclean’s Magazine published the list of the “99 stupid things the government spent your money on” for 2012, and Guelph made it on the list twice. One was for the money blown on the integrity commissioner ($10,000+), and the other for our now infamous Terry Bradshaw promotional video blunder ($100,000+). But instead of being embarrassed, Guelph should be relieved.

Relieved that the list was only for 2012.

Looking back at the decisions made by our city council(s) in the last decade should be done at your own risk. As a matter of fact, people prone to heart attacks or high blood pressure should avoid the idea altogether.

For example…

How many municipalities have halted major construction midway through a project just to spend over $100,000 hiring an expert to conduct a search of the area on the off-chance that there may be “Jefferson Salamanders” living nearby?

Or how many municipalities spent enormous amounts of funding to alter road construction to include tunnels under the road to allow frogs to pass through without fear of being hit by cars?

Or our biggest, and most repeated blunder of the last 10 years that has wasted millions….our garbage system.

The wasted tax dollars seems endless. We claim to be community leaders and that other municipalities should follow our lead. Thankfully they don’t because at times it seems that we are the first lemming in the pack…leading the country straight off a cliff.

But money aside, it gets worse. Careless decisions have overshadowed the best parts of our town.

We should be highlighted on national magazines for things like our university, our volunteers in the community, our scenery and cleanliness, and even our walking trails and fishable rivers. Look around and it is easy to find so many more wonderful people and things in Guelph.

We could easily become the leader of a pride of lions instead of falling off the fiscal cliff chasing our head lemmings!


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