Entitlement debate ongoing…

{SUBJECT IS BASED ON A PREVIOUS COLUMN POSTED “Getting all shook up about young workers’ sense of entitlement”}

I find it intriguing that almost a year after my column regarding young worker’s sense of entitlement was published, I continue to receive “animated” feedback from people. The public has not been afraid to share their personal views on this column. And the opinions have been pretty much an even split.

Many have expressed the same concerns and experiences of younger workers demanding more and more while doing less and less. Others have made it clear that they strongly disagree with my comments and feel they have been wrongfully included into my stereotype.

Right or wrong, it’s only my opinion. The original column was my own twist based on comments and research made by companies nationwide which were struggling to find willing and able employees. It had very little to do with my own personal experiences. This blog however….

Recently, one individual I know criticized me for having written the column and condemned me for making it public. They found the column offensive. I wonder if it is because they knew the opinions expressed (coincidentally) could have easily been applied to their own work ethics? (Just a thought…)

I have seen first hand how some people constantly walk around “with their hands out” expecting anything and everything to be handed to them on the silver platter; unwilling to do more than the bare minimum to get what they want when they want it. I have also seen first hand these same people genuinely surprised or offended when they are told that their actions are not up to par, only to have the blame put on others. It is never their fault.

But I have also seen how some people “take the bull by the horns” and put forth a genuine effort day in and day out to improve their skills and knowledge. Mistakes are made, but lessons are learned in the process. And they seem to understand that if you want more, you have to earn it with hard work, consistency, and honesty. They seem to know that actions speak much louder than words.

Right or wrong, I have seen, heard, and experienced both sides of this equation first hand.

And I refuse to apologize for preferring the type of worker that isn’t expecting everything on the silver platter.


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