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Minimum Wage = Maximum Poverty

Activists are lobbying for minimum wage in Ontario to rise from $10.25 to $14.00 per hour. They believe that this will help lift many citizens over the poverty line and make life easier for everyone.

Sounds like a marvelous idea, does it not?

Sounds so good that I am praying that these activists fail miserably.

Do they not see that the negative consequences of raising minimum wages far outweigh any benefits? Are they just looking to put a few extra dollars in their own pockets to get by on part time jobs while they spend the majority of their time protesting and lobbying for short sighted fairy tale solutions?

On the surface, the notion of a base wage increase seems romantic; especially to the new and inexperienced work force. But how will this affect the rest of the population? We will not likely be receiving a $3.75/hr raise if the minimum standards are increased. How will this help any of the fixed income citizens?

It won’t. In fact, raising minimum wage would be catastrophic to everyone.

With minimum wage increases comes higher costs for everything else. What business wants to sacrifice profits to pay higher wages? They don’t. They will raise their prices to ensure a similar (or higher) profit margin. That leaves non minimum wage earners and fixed income citizens with less money to feed their families. And guess what? That means minimum wage workers are also trying to battle a higher cost of living. Isn’t that the reason for the proposed increase?

If you are unhappy (as I am) at the present costs of groceries or gas or even a Big Mac meal, you are going to lose your mind if this proposal is accepted.

Sure, higher starting wages seems great on the surface. But there is more to this cost than just wages. Increasing the numbers will only increase the poverty.


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