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Why I Want To Run For Council

“Why do I want to run for Guelph city council?”

After numerous debates with myself, (and re-write after re-write on this piece) I have come to the conclusion that I can not answer this question honestly without the possibility of it coming across as a shameless self promotion or a campaign tactic to sway the voter in my favour. But then again, that should be what I want, right? To sway the votes my way? But this isn’t about swaying votes. This is about why I need to run for council. Take it or leave it.

Ward 3 is in desperate need of a change. For far too long now, the brooms on council have been sweeping through our ward creating a blinding dust storm that has prevented the residents from seeing clearly. And it seems every time the dust does settle, it’s too late. Sure, at first glance the floors appear to be clean. But then one day, someone looks under the rugs…

I’m running for council because we do not deserve any more brooms sweeping our ward under the rug. I am running for council because I will bring a dustpan.

I am running for council because I will bring our ward bold, new leadership that will always work in the best interests of the majority of our residents. I am not attached to any of the special interest “pet projects” that have overtaken our ward and left the majority of its’ residents feeling ignored and bewildered. And I have no ties to other political parties.

I am running for council in ward 3 so I can bring back communication. I will bring back your voice. I am the one who will ask what you want. We have gone too long being ignored by our representatives. In this day and age, there is no valid reason to not have a blog, or a website, or open forum meetings, or an old fashioned phone call between councillor and constituent in ward 3. I am the one to make sure the residents are heard by implementing these means of communication within our community. And regardless of personal opinions or views, I will always have open ears and an open mind.

I am running for council because I am mindful of ward 3 and mindful of Guelph’s wonderful history, yet realistic about what it will become. I will not waste our money on chasing unicorns. Guelph will never be “car-free” so let’s make our roads friendly to all modes of transportation. Bike lanes are useful, but let’s be realistic. They are not needed on every road. Taxes shouldn’t skyrocket, even if Google Earth shows 2 cars in your driveway. I will not judge you on what you have or haven’t earned. Guelph doesn’t want to spread out wider, so we may have to build higher. We don’t have a choice so instead of fighting it, let’s be smart with our progress.

I am running for council so I can help put an end to the wasteful spending of our tax dollars. Millions of dollars over the years have been thrown away on salamander searches, ever failing garbage systems, promotional videos, discouraging business from coming to Guelph, and hiring outside consultants and integrity commissioners to tell us what we would already know if we used common sense. We shouldn’t be diving into any projects without considering long term costs and potential issues. Some of those wasted dollars could have helped develop our ward into a stronger community by repairing our roads. Or freezing the fares on our public transit. Or opening much needed day cares in our area. Or creating social programs and supports to help the struggling families and our youth in ward 3. These are just a few of the issues that I will push for immediate attention.

I am running for council because I bring a lot to the table. Respect, diligence, leadership, and a strong desire to constantly better myself and my community. I believe that proper planning and selflessness will always lead to good judgement and happier citizens. I am motivated by teamwork and believe that common sense should always prevail over personal agendas. I welcome input from anyone at anytime. Good or bad, I thrive on all feedback and accept it as constructive criticism that should always be evaluated with an open mind. I will not be bullied. But I will never be the bully. I will not tell ward 3 what to do…ward 3 will tell me what should be done.

While raising a child with autism, I have learned so many lessons that have changed how I see and live my life. My son has taught me that perseverance is a powerful tool to overcome all obstacles. He has shown me that people with autism do not lie, do not judge, and they do not play mind games. Most importantly, he has taught me to do the same. My son is my hero.

I am running for council to make ward 3 all it can be for my son. I am running for my family, and for the families of others.

I am running because it’s time I make a difference.


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