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1048 Days Ago…

341 days ago, I posted a blurb about my son Jordan being on the waiting list at KidsAbility for Occupational Therapy to help with his autism and severe sensory issues.

341 days ago, we had already been waiting for 707 days.

An until yesterday, we were still waiting.

Yesterday we were told that Jordan is being pushed out of the system and that we would not be receiving any therapy from KidsAbility.

The reason…”upper management” has instructed the workers to quietly ignore and phase out Jordan (and many other children) that are approaching school age and get them “off the books” by June of next year. In the meantime, we were told to “not hold our breath” on getting any therapy for him from KidsAbility.

This is the same organization that told us that Jordan needed therapy. This is the same organization that promised to help him, and us, learn how to cope with autism and severe sensory disorder. This is the same organization that stressed the importance of getting children like Jordan the proper help at an early age.

This is the same organization that told us that they would provide it.

We can not blame the therapists and workers at KidsAbility. They are not the ones (hopefully) that have made the decision to cast away my son and other children from obtaining the help they so desperately need.

Jordan was promised this help. The government has funding allocated for my son through the KidsAbility for their service.

But Jordan has become just a number instead of a child in the eyes of KidsAbility’s “upper management”.

So, if the “upper management” is so concerned about numbers, think about this number…1048.

One thousand, forty-eight days ago, my son needed help from you. You have cheated us. You have strung us along with empty promises and false hope for 1048 days.

1048 days ago, you could have started helping my son.

1048 days ago.


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