About Jason Dodge

I am a manager at a landscaping company and reside in Guelph, Ontario Canada with my beautiful wife of 5+ years, Jess. We are the parents of 3 children, Siarra (10), Jordan (3+), and Stephanie (1+) and a 10 month old French-Bull Mastiff named Luna.

Living in a war-time area in Ward 3 Guelph, Jess and I have gone from zero to three children in less than 4 years, making everyday an adventure. Needless to say, between working fulltime, 2 childbirths, 1 adoption process, a major renovation and addition to the house, and an autism diagnosis for Jordan earlier this year, things have been busy! As a result, our social life has quickly evaporated, with the exception of a handful of people who have managed to stick with us. Having an autistic child is a quick way to learn who your true friends and family are!

As you may know, or at least as you will figure out, I have a borderline unhealthy obsesession with the music of Pink Floyd; yet none of the “extra-curricular activities” that are stereotypically attached to their music! I am a fan of baseball, writing, and an avid leisure fisherman. I have served 2 terms on the Community Editorial Board for the local newspaper The Guelph Mercury and hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future. Quotes from “The Simpsons” will likely appear throughout my blog (whether I mean to or not!). I have become a huge advocate for autism.

Much to my Mother’s horror, I also have a growing interest in municipal politics. It is not uncommon for me to yell at the television while watching the local council meetings. I have also been known to write a column or two about the shenanigans that tend to go on at the Guelph City Hall. I have no intentions to run for Mayor. However, I believe that Ward 3 in Guelph has a long overdue need for a representative with some common sense…you never know what may happen.

I will end this bio with these last thoughts.

I love feedback. My posts are my thoughts, feelings, or perspectives and not necessarily shared by everyone. Anything written by me is not meant to be offensive. I encourage your thoughts and comments (good and bad) however I only request that they not be offensive either.

I would also like to thank my sister for starting up this whole thing. She has nagged me for a while to start a blog, but it wasn’t until recently that I admitted that I had know idea how. Thanks Christina for taking the time to help. And now at least, I have someone else to put the blame on!


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